Eating to die young. Here’s how.

eating to dieFor decades, Bible-believing Christians have been told and retold that one of God’s promises is they can live to a ripe old age, 80 years to be exact. This “promise” is based on Psalm 90:10 NIV: ” “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures…:” It was a mantra for decades.

There’s a problem with this thesis though. First off, this psalm was written by Moses, who lived to 120. Secondly, there’s another verse equally valid that seems to have been overlooked. It is Genesis 6:3 (NIV): humans’ “days will be be a hundred and twenty years.”

Why was the promise for Psalm preferred over Genesis? There is no exegetical reason.

So I adhered to 120 years. I started proclaiming in faith, as we Christians are wont to do, that I would live 120 years. “If you want to live only 80 years, that’s fine,” I would tell my friends. “But I’m believing the promise in Gen. 6:3 for 120 years.”

I was onto something. I mean, who wants to die?

But I also understood that I played a part in the fulfillment of that promise. I knew enough to understand that my body is “temple to the Holy Spirit,” as 1 Corinthians 3:16. I wouldn’t “trash” the temple. In Christian terms, I would “steward” by body as a precious gift from God, not to be abused.

Here’s what you need to do if you want to push the upper limits of the Bible’s longevity promises:

Exercise – So much good comes from a vigorous walk through the neighborhood or a trip to the gym! God didn’t design the body for today’s sedentary jobs; they were supposed to labor in the fields. The switch to desk jobs has been a death knell for health: obesity, heart disease, even cancer. Make time for exercise and it will make time lengthen in your life.

Cut down on fat – Nor did God intend for us to eat so much meat. In New Testament times, some sort of porridge was the everyday fare. Only on special occasions did the common man enjoy meat. Modern man has multiplied exponentially its consumption, and the the overload has clogged up our blood vessels and burdened the heart. Saturated fats are loaded into processed foods to improve taste. Is it any wonder that heart disease is the leading cause of death in America?

Read the rest of the tips for longevity.

5 responses to “Eating to die young. Here’s how.

  1. I am by no means a purist in this sort of thing, but my father died a few days after his 64th birthday, after years of largely sedentary, high-stress work, of heart disease. I’m his genetic clone, to the point that it can be difficult to distinguish pictures of us taken at the same age, but I walk regularly, take niacin for my cholesterol, and in general try to stay active – and I’ve already outlived my father by over six years. I have great anticipation of heaven, but I want to make full use of this body for as long as the Lord wants to keep me here.

  2. Great article!

    To answer your question, “Who wants to die?” I would add, who wants to die of cancer or heart disease? I live by God’s original plan found in Genesis 1:29 (most likely why Genesis mentions 120 years 🙂 ) after all God designed our bodies and that design did not change after the fall. We were clearly and scientifically made to eat a plant-based diet. God is the greatest scientist, His creation is evidence that He made everything in perfect order.

    In Him we live and MOVE and have our being~Acts 17:28. We were made to move and need to live an active lifestyle, which keeps our hearts, bones and muscles in top shape. Finding a physical activity you enjoy is important: be it walking, swimming, bike riding, or dancing. David danced before the Lord and Miriam led the celebration after crossing the Red Sea with dancing; it was an integral part of Israel’s worship–Praise Him with dancing~Psalms 150:4.

    My body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit, not a graveyard for dead animals. Whether I live 80 or 120 years is not as important to me as living healthy. I look forward to Heaven where there is fullness of joy in His presence. However, I want to be healthy until that day, so I can do His will and be useful while on this earth. 🙂


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