Christians numerous among anti lockdown protesters

patriot protestersWhy would Christians number hugely among the anti-lockdown marchers when the Bible warns us to obey governing authorities?

First, the restrictions have hit churches hard. Pastors have been arrested for attempting to hold services, and parishioners have been issued tickets — even if they observe social distancing by having “drive in” services in which they stay in their cars in the church parking lot and listen to the sermon over the Internet.

protests downtown los angelesVideos of officers handcuffing a pastor in Louisiana and handing out tickets in the parking lot have enraged Christians. It is reminiscent of the Soviet Union — or maybe even something worse: the Apocalyptic scenes of the End Times. Some point to the suggestion of Bill Gates that people worldwide will need a “digital certificate” to not lose their vaccination record, strikingly close to the 666 of the Beast.

While the End Times denouement is unavoidable, Christians react against and fight the trend towards One World government, personal tracking and restrictions on humans through microchips (a digital certificate is not a microchip).

all races are americansA network of 3000 California churches representing 2.5 million congregants defied their governor and announced they would re-open May 31, according to Fox News.

“Our churches are part of the answer, not part of the problem,” said Danny Carroll, senior pastor at Water of Life Community Church. “We’re an essential part of this whole journey and we’ve been bypassed … kicked to the curb and deemed nonessential.”

The churches are not acting alone. After videos show police man-handling peaceful ralliers, beach-goers and park-goers embarrassed law enforcement, a number of sheriffs announced they would not carry out the governor’s orders to arrest people out of their homes.

“As a police officer for 10 years, I’m compelled to make this video. I’m speaking to my peers, fellow officers. I’ve seen officers nationwide enforcing tyrannical orders against the people. I’m hoping it’s the minority of officers, but I’m not sure anymore,” says G. Anderson posted by @standstrongart on Instagram.

“Every time I turn on the television, I’m seeing people arrested or cited for going to church or traveling on the road ways, for going surfing, opening their business, for doing nails out of their own house, using their own house as a place of business and having undercover agents go and arrest them and charge them with what? With a crime?”

The media has whipped America into a panic frenzy over COVID-19 and induced an economic shutdown that will leave millions dying of starvation around the world, says Dr. Michael Brown in piercing op-eds on the Christian Post.

“The way in which the media has pushed fear nonstop amounts to psychological warfare against the country,” David Williams, an Alabama doctor, told Brown.

As state quarantines of healthy people grind into the third month, many are questioning their effectiveness and wondering if secular officials are seizing dictatorial power, denying Constitutional freedoms and attempting to throw 2020’s election against the current president.

A recent survey of New York City found that 60% of new COVID patients had observed stay-at-home orders but got sick anyway. Sweden, which bucked the international trend and did not quarantine, isn’t any worse off with infections and deaths than other nations. Mortality rates generated by epidemiologists are coming up well short of the predicted disaster. As of this writing, hospitals are empty and nurses are being furloughed. Read the rest: Christian anti lockdown protesters.

6 responses to “Christians numerous among anti lockdown protesters

  1. Use your head, stay home save lives. I’m a nurse , our hospitals can handle only so much. A Christian Cares for others and won’t jeopardize their lives. No one has been issued a ticket for worshipping from a car unless they are illegally parked.

  2. I have a problem with a defiant, militant Christianity, one that doesn’t understand who their Jesus is, to begin with. I feel like Paul, having to proclaim the Unknown God. I have a problem with a rebellious Christianity, as rebellion is rooted in Satan. People are lawless, boundless, undisciplined. I can see how rearing children with human rights resulted in an out-of-control corps of adults.

  3. This article suggests we abandon common sense and purposefully expose one another to being infected. This is disappointing, especially when past articles have been enlightening and encouraging.

  4. Hey Michael, this is a great article. Thank you. Very well written and including all the high points. The question arose early on concerning the proper Christian response. I heard far too many Christians saying we should all lie down and do exactly as told, and that it would not be Christian to respond in any other way. Quoting one particular verse about obeying, seemingly without question, is the epitome of taking things out of context. I would remind such people of Peter’s response to such, in saying we must obey God rather than man. I could see in the very beginning that a great many lives would be destroyed according to the then unanswered dictates, and that the so called cure would have powerfully destructive effects for Americans and the overall economy. By now we should be long past those pronouncements, though some good obviously arose from the advice/suggestions/dictates. For some in authority to continue with the same pronouncements is beyond ridiculous and proves that Americans put up with as much anti-liberty as they allow their controllers to get away with. It is very promising to see so many rise up and push back. This is spiritual war. Blessings to you.

  5. Yernasia Quorelios

    ♡ Sodom and Gomorrah were “Governing Bodies” Destroyed by “God”; it’s Crystal Clear Clarity that Lots Wife was Turned in to a Pillar of Salt because SHE!!! looked back when “God” warned HER!!! not to; so, perhaps Gooddess can tell Us what “God” was trying to hide like Lilith (The Serpent) and Eve in The Garden of Eden ‘Tempting’ Adam, Genesis 🤔 ?


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