Jaya Jeevan, a testimony of Christianity out of Bangalore

When Jaya Jeevan’s older brother caught her reading the Bible, he flew into a rage, broke things, tore the Bible and threw it out of the house.

“He literally blew up everything that day when he found me with the Bible,” Jaya says on on a 100 Huntley Street video.

Coming from a non-practicing Hindu home, Jaya had no idea why he was upset but was hurt by his violent rejection.

Afterwards, the girl from the Karon District of India felt like she had to read the Bible and pray secretly. She discovered the Bible in a school desk at a Christian missionary school.

At age 21, she met and married a Bangalore Hindu who was supportive of her Christian practices, though his family was not.

Alone and unsupported (with the exception of her husband) in her Christian beliefs, Jaya started to drift away. She decided that while others would worship idols, she would talk only to Jesus in her heart. But slowly she wandered in her thoughts from Jesus.

“I left Him,” she says. “But He never left me.” Read the rest: a testimony of a Christian in Bangalore


4 responses to “Jaya Jeevan, a testimony of Christianity out of Bangalore

  1. Awesome Share. Prompted me to share this testimony to uplift someone in need. please feel free to view or pass it on to someone in need of a Word of encouragement from the Lord today…..i do pray it uplifts someone in need of a word from the Lord….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJXk3YkNSt4

  2. So glad you took time out to watch the video. Thank you so much because it encourages me so much to continue the effort which is not that easy overall. But the Lord gives grace and so I continue and then the encouragement from individuals like you only reinforces my strength. There are so many awesome testimonies to God’s goodness and power when people trust Him, even from different faiths and He shows up and does mighty works. Please follow the posts and videos as I will be sharing more in the day’s ahead. Thank you again for being part of this journey and I look forward to see you increase more and more as you continue to minister in your own unique way. I speak blessings over you and your family in Jesus Mighty Name.

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