Only 7 states require THIS class for high school

2 responses to “Only 7 states require THIS class for high school

  1. I tried to get Florida Dept Education (when Jeb Bush was governor) and the Miami Dade County Public Schools to incorporate home economics math, bookkeeping and accounting as math credits – like something useful and for world of home and work adulthood. Was really shut down hard. They want kids to have mastered Algebra I leaving the 8th grade and then move up to higher level math in high school . So many kids can’t do these math operations and all the F’s and D’s they earn ruin their GPA to below 2.0 so they know they can’t graduate without the GPA and course credits so they are dropping out of school en masse at 10th grade, 16 years old. These kids are not going to work for NASA so let’s give them everyday skills. Let the upper level math be offered for the college bound. I have two MA degrees and taught history and social studies for 34 years and I can’t do 8th grade algebra ! For us, algebra and such are very special abilities. How about if I prevented you from graduation if you could not master a musical instrument or art or writing as I can ? How’d they like that ? Bet you could not match my painting and wood carving skills either or create an original cartoon blog of my work with over 4,000 followers either.

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