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It’s the same God

from soumyav

from soumyav

ATT002059Commander Joshua receives his marching orders from God: As I was with Moses, so I will be with you — Josh 1:5 NIV. You’ll have no less success, God says, because I’ll be with you in no less measure.

ATT0022014That promise is for us, New Testament habitation of the Holy Spirit. God is with us. Our lives testify to the same outpouring as the Biblical heroes, the same kinds of miracles. It’s an error to think “that was then, and this is 231442868319859281_Q75q97eD_bnow.” The book of Acts does not end with the word “amen,” unlike most other New Testament books; this signifies that the “acts” of the Holy Spirit continue in and through us.

God offers no less for us than for them. Our only limitation is our own lack of faith. He responds to faith and is shocked by lack of faith. When you pray — whether it be for health, deliverance or finances — realize He is with you in the same way He was with Moses and Joshua.

Zero-point faith

Contained within a barrel of water is enough static energy to fuel the U.S. economy for a year. Contained within in every CC of the universe is the Zero-point energy equivalent to 100,000 of our suns burning for 1 million years. The trouble with these energies is how to liberate them.

Contained within a common Christian is enough prayer power to bring the U.S. to revival. Contained within in every CC of the church is prayer point power equivalent of Book of Acts Revival world wide. The trouble with these energies is how to liberate them.

In the case of static or Zero-point energies, principles of physics impede their unleashing — at least, for now. In the case of  individual or group prayer, principles of laziness and carnality impede their release — at least, until somebody really decides to lay a hold of God.

If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be given you — John 15:7 NIV.