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Author of ‘Shout to the Lord,’ fought cancer

Hillsong worship leader Darlene Zschech had spent her life lifting spirits, but when breast cancer struck in 2013, she needed her own spirit lifted.

“What I found in my ‘valley of the shadow of death’ is the presence of God,” she says on a CBN video. “I realized you can only have shadow if there is light. It’s just a fact that God doesn’t leave us.”

Famous for her 1993 song “Shout to the Lord,” Darlene led worship at Hillsong Church from 1996 to 2007, after which she and her husband founded Hope Unlimited Church in 2011 in New South Wales Australia.

Amazingly, it is estimated that “Shout to the Lord” gets sung by 30 million church-goers every Sunday.

A television star from childhood, Darlene developed insecurities after her parents divorced when she was 13. As a result, she fell into bulimia for about four years.

“It took a long time for that (the wounds from the divorce) to heal,” Darlene says on SWCS Australia. “But now, I have got a real compassion for kids in that situation. It is now the rule, not the exception. Our next generation is definitely going to need answers. Divorce can definitely leave scars.”

When her dad returned to church, he took Darlene, who at 15 accepted Christ. She met and married Mark, and the couple worked as youth pastors in Brisbane. Mark felt called to Sydney, while Darlene didn’t want to go because she had just rekindled her relationship with her mom. Read the rest: Darlene Zschech cancer battle

Superglue in your ear



Not Ferret.

Ryan Liam Upton, 27, squirted superglue into the ear of Ben Ferrett, 28, in 2009 at a party in Brisbane, Australia, in an act of drunken wisdom (‘scuse the sarcasm). It was meant as a joke, but Ferret suffered permanent partial hearing loss.

Don’t let the devil fill your ear with demonic superglue. He does it to keep you from hearing God. Yes, prayer is listening time! You shouldn’t talk only. Stop rifling off requests and take a moment to actually listen to God. He might have a request for you! Or a direction. Or an answer to a question.

When Samuel was a child, he couldn’t recognize the voice of God. He kept going to Eli, his master, thinking it was the high priest who was calling him. After three times, Eli understood that it was God talking to Sammy. Maybe you need to become accustomed to hearing from God. (Of course, He’s not going to tell you to sin.) Communication — and prayer is communication — must be a two way street.

Justice cracked down on Upton. But Ferret still can’t hear that well. Don’t fall to such a fate in your prayers.