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Piano movers and piano players

Tex and Luis, after the blow to the nose.

A complete soccer team has its burly bruisers and its exquisite finesse players who can deliver a ball directly to the feet of a goal-scorer through a forest of opponents.

So Tex smashed Luis at high school practice today so hard that his nose bled out of both nostrils. I had to remind him to take out competitors, not teammates. Of course he did it unconsciously; without thinking the football player manifests.

A good soccer team is like the church. Everybody’s talents compliment and complete ministry in the church. No one’s is superior, nor inferior. We need people. Reaching out over the blogosphere is fabulous, but sometimes you need flesh and blood right nearby. I have prayed for other bloggers, but sometimes I need a church member to fix my washer. It is the combined effort that wins games.

It is the combination of so many different people that makes the church triumph over Satan. Surely, the church is guilty of so many crimes (judging others, drama, for example). I don’t like its ugly moments, but there’s nothing to take its place. Church is like marriage: detractors abound, but nothing better has every replaced it.

Don’t be a chicken

When I was a missionary in Guatemala, one day at an open-air market I saw two live chickens tied to each other by some twine. I asked the lady why they weren’t tied to a stake, or a rock, or in a covered basket. Couldn’t they just run away?

Her answer surprised me. No, they never run away. Even though there was essentially nothing to keep them from making a break for freedom, they never run in the same direction. They always pull at each other and thus never venture far. If they would run in the same direction, they could avoid becoming Kentucky Fried. But no. There’s a reason why “bird brain” is an insult.

Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. — Mark 18:19 NIV. If only we could unite and agree in prayer, how much more impact we would have! But many times, we are like those chickens, pulling in opposing directions, not able to even get two of us on the same wavelength in prayer. Only two.

The individual prayer is important. But so is praying together with other saints in agreement. Let us strive for unity — in our prayers.