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You don’t see God?

creationSimply because I’m not a scientist, must I turn off my intelligence that, upon admiring creation, says: Whoa! There must be a Creator?

Of course among biologists most are evolutionists. But among astronomers, there are a number who see Intelligent Design behind the vast order (physical laws) and grandeur of the universe. I am neither. But that doesn’t mean I’m not smart enough to ponder such wonders and conclude that the evidence is substantial in favor of God.

Don’t suspend your intelligence: the creation has a Creator.

Why are the beautiful things credited to chance?

God good Creator

… but the evil things get blamed on God.

If chance reigns, then any evil is purely chance — or worse, there is no reason to not act evilly I can benefit myself by it. But if God made this great and wonderful world, then men who reject God are responsible for the evil that happens.