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Piping hot battered fish in fish tacos: California Fish Grill

California Fish Grill

North Hollywood


A couple of things I really liked about the fish tacos at California Fish Grill in North Hollywood: the deep-fried battered fish was a big chunk and was served piping hot. The tortilla didn’t get soggy and fall apart.

They serve it with a cream sauce with was tasty, but I needed more. Beneath the generous portion of fish was a small bed of cabbage, and on top was pickled onion strips.

The combo included rice and beans. Relievedly, the beans were not Mexican style, which is overkill here in Southern California. Instead, white and pinto bean mix was more had a pork and bean flavor, though I couldn’t find any vestige of pork. The rice was perfect.

My wife ordered the battered catfish. She said the vegetables needed salt, which is another great relief! Restaurant food is notoriously sodium overload.

For some reason, I didn’t discern that the strawberry mint house drink was actually a strawberry mint julep. Those who appreciate sour will enjoy.

California Fish Grill in North Hollywood is tucked in a little cubby hole on Laurel Canyon Blvd between Victory Blvd and Oxnard St., easily accessible from the Hollywood Fwy (the 170). There’s a Trader Joe’s, an Urbane Cafe, a boba and a few other trendy attention getters.

Yes, I will come again. It’s casual, an upgrade from fast food but not so fancy that you need to dress up.

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