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Truth, not trends

truth not trendsAssail it all they can, the Bible stands as God’s unaltered message to humanity. Science advances, societies evolve, morals change, fashions come and go. But the Bible remains unchanged.

Its message: We are sinners, but God loved us so much that He punished His Son in our place. We must come to Him in repentance and gratitude.

God’s code of conduct doesn’t evolve. We can’t improve upon it. The very thing people hate about the Bible is its strength, its eternal nature.

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Morality of convenience

morals of convenienceGod GAVE Jeroboam a kingdom.

But Jeroboam set up false gods to NOT lose that kingdom.

Thus he slung aside the very God who blessed him in (what he thought was) a savvy plan to retain power at all costs.

Unfortunately, this is what happens to the majority. If you don’t have a moral code (like the Bible), you make your own code. And often the code evolves based on decisions of convenience. Your changing rationalizations may qualm your conscious. But in fact, you have no morality whatsoever.

Evolutionists and atheists are currently arguing strenuously (they are straining to make it work) that morality appeared as a result of evolution. As I have said previously, such a notion undermines evolution itself (in which survival of the fittest alone matters (whether you call “fittest” “strongest” or “prettiest” or whatever)).

All of this is NOT to say that I am holier than anyone. NO! I am probably a worse sinner than you. But I recognize that the wrong I do is wrong. I don’t call it right because my flesh desires. Instead, I cry out for forgiveness to Christ and try afresh to serve Him keeping His moral code, found in the Bible.

What is going on currently is not modern science. It has been happening since the beginning of time. By psychologists, it’s called “justification.” Since living below our moral standard (the God-given conscious creates anxiety, we appease our conscious by changing our morals).

Jeroboam is an example in concentrate. In punishment of Solomon’s sins, God threatened to strip the majority of the kingdom away from his son, which He did to Roboam. Jeroboam was the beneficiary, receiving power over 10 tribes of Israel to the North.

But he worried that the Jehova-ists would become disloyal because true worship was ordained in Judah, in the temple in Jerusalem, in territory of Roboam. So he astutely set up a false god on the road to Jerusalem (why not shorten your journey?) and another god far away from Jerusalem (to draw people away from Jerusalem. This was his desperate bid to retain control.

But when you flout God, things don’t go well. As a result of his brainstorming, Israel years later lost its very existence in the exile of Assyria (which forced intermarriage of exiled peoples). Only Judah survived (thus, the name “Jews” today.) When in 1948, a Jewish nation was re-formed, they named it “Israel,” but they might have been more correct to call it “Judah.”

Jeroboam thought it was a good strategy to change his morals. Whatever good you think might come by re-inventing the wheel, you might not want the consequences of abandoning the Bible and its moral code.

In the movie “Valkyrie,” twice bystanders face a decision to either support the insurrection against Hitler or support the Fuhrer himself. Either one could have guaranteed the success of the anti-Hitler conspiracy. Perhaps out of fear of Hitler, both opted to support the evil dictator. Months later, they were dead. Many in Nazi Germany simply found it convenient to go with the flow of the moral order in Nazi Germany.

Just because it’s convenient doesn’t make it moral.



Atheists love to cite the Book of Judges because in it there are the most barbaric atrocities. Going from bad to worse, it literally spirals out of control. If only the atheists took into account the global message of Judges. Instead of thinking it discredits the Bible, they could understand it simply documents reality when a people lose their moral compass (yes, I will say it, when they lose God).

“Every man did what he thought was right in his own eyes,” is its refrain. The author intended to make the case for the need of a king. But it resonates beyond monarchical Israel. When we lose God, we fall into amorality, having no morals.

Of course, the evolutionists have floated the preposterous idea that we humans evolved morality. On the one hand, this thesis undermines evolution because it affirms that we are fundamentally different than animals. On the other hand, it strikes against the essence of evolution: the survival of the fittest.

Have you ever noticed that some “pride” movements are so named because of the innate consciousness of sin (and shame)? Fortunately the abominable “white pride” movement is dying out.

Even if you don’t believe in the Bible, you have a conscious. You know inherently what is good and what is evil. To cast that aside incurs danger.