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If only…

bending_over_backwardsNo bending over backwards. No jumping through hoops. No passing through fire, fording treacherous rivers, scaling icy mountaintops to consult gurus. No excruciating rite of passage. No long lines at the DMV. Nope. It’s much easier than that.

To get God’s blessing, you don’t have to hardly do much at all. All you have to do is pray.

images-1If I only touch Jesus cloak, I will be healed, said the woman with 12 years of hemorrhaging unhealed by doctors. (Matt 9:21) She she scrambled through the pressing crowd because she knows that one touch from Jesus will do the trick. It will end her suffering, her humiliation, her rejection from society. And she was healed instantly.

from Pinterest

from Pinterest

When Elisha told Naaman to dip seven times in Jordan River, the Syrian Captain of the Guard was angry. Because it was so easy, he thought he was getting short shrift. Sometimes you need to dip into prayer seven times. That is all.

Prayer is easy, effective, and — tragically — ignored. Even Christians neglect this, a most potent weapon. We could all learn a lesson from the hemorrhaging woman. All you need is an encounter with Jesus.