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The bad attitudes

Blessed are those who have iPhones, for they are chill.

Blessed are those who have more than 1,000 “friends” on Facebook, for they can feel popular.

Blessed are the beautiful, the handsome, the athletic, for they will be desired everywhere.

Blessed are the lukewarm, for they shall not be called intolerant.

Blessed are those who hunger for good food, for they shall be filled (here in the United States).

Blessed are the texters, for they’ shall miss Sunday morning’s text and any resulting conviction.

Blessed are the pluralists, for they shall coexist in peace even when no one they know gets to know the Prince of Peace.

Blessed are the compromisers, for they shall not be viewed as fanatical.

Blessed are those who make no real sacrifice for God’s kingdom, for they shall enjoy the abundant life here on Earth. Your treasure is here.

Rejoice only if you have everything you could possibly want. Weep and mourn if someone else has something you don’t.

(based on the “Beatitudes” from Matt. 5:3-12) What is the base for your faith?