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Spoiled Christian

When Junior’s brother walked out the front door that night, he said he was going to buy a coke. But he never came back. Frantic, his parents went from police station to hospital to morgue searching for any sign of him.

Junior’s brother was not abused physically or emotionally. He was not “run off.” He simply was spoiled. He was given ever whim. And he gravitated intensely to a mentality of entitlement. He left because sometimes Mom and Dad got in the way of what he wanted. He didn’t even leave a note, never called home, to explain or assure his parents.

This is a true story from Guatemala. It illustrates why God does NOT grant every prayer request immediately. We run the risk of becoming selfish, serving ourselves, making ourselves into our own gods. If God granted us all our capricious desires, we would reduce Him down to our servant, that at a snap of our fingers, He should act like a genie in a bottle whose not limited to three wishes. That’s why not every answer is affirmative, and not every answer is immediate. It would spoil us.

To the contrary, we are His servants. We must be patient and persevering. We must not give up if an answer comes slowly. We must accept “No” from God occasionally. We must make sure our requests align with the word of God. This is for our best.

Junior’s parents know no end of grief. Uneasy and unsettled about the final destination of their son, they continue with torment. Whether it is an earthly father or a Heavenly Father, it is not good to spoil kids.