About Us

In this blog, you will learn:

  • How do I pray?
  • How do I pray for finances?
  • Bible prayers
  • How to achieve higher output with less work
  • To inspire yourself and leaders for prayer

It’s never enough. You are killing yourself doing the Lord’s work, but the harvest is scarce. Lack of finances is restricting your effectiveness. You need a supernatural blessing to keep going, to get to the next level.

Mustard Seed Budget is dedicated seeing your budget grow. We teach the principles of injecting the power of God in your ministry in the area of finances. This ministry inspires faith in you to pray dollars into your ministry.

To get money for nothing is a tantalizing prospect. In search of money for nothing, many have resorted to crime. You will resort to prayer and watch the floodgates of Heaven open.

We have a special place in our heart for small ministries which are doing a valuable labor in the Kingdom of God. You are just as useful and important as the big ministry, but you’re overlooked, under applauded — and underfunded. Your budget reflects your ministry — small. Prayer can turn things around!

Other outstanding resources that help you pray for finances are: