These entries are unlike other prayer manuals that write word-for-word what you should mumble in prayer. It´s like saying the pledge of allegiance — the words can pass your tongue without passing through your mind. Jesus warned against using “vain repetitions” and magical phraseology.

Instead, we urge you to form your own words. What we strive to do: spark a revelation of faith in your heart. When you read these entries, meditate on them and let faith fill your mind. Then pray, based on the Bible, not based on our words.

These entries are not meant to be skim-read. If you plow through them too fast, you probably won´t capture a sense of awe over God´s Holy Word. That sense of awe is the key to successful praying. Read these nuggets slowly, lovingly, thinkingly, appreciating their Author, the Holy Spirit who inspired the Bible.

The only trick here is experience. I read the Word of God in the face of great STRUGGLE. The type of struggle that eats your guts out. For 16 years of missionary work, I struggled to overcome the poverty that stymied ministry. I saw how God did impossible things when I prayed based on faith, a faith super-strengthened on His Word.

I humbly lay before you these entries. Let them inspire you. As your knees hit the ground, may your prayers hit the heavens. Let these pearls of wisdom become pearls in your pockets.

5 responses to “Recommendations

  1. Wow, this is so exciting! I can´t wait to see what Christ will do!

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by our blog oabchurchconnect. Liken your blog too and the wonderful work you are doing. May the Lord continue to richly bless you!!!!

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