Nothing in the world

I just got back from my old stomping grounds. I translated for my pastor in the Guatemala church. I saw the school, where scores of kids piled up around me to give me group hugs. The kids smiled and cried out: “Pastor Mike! Pastor Mike!” They wouldn’t let me go and almost knocked me down as they clung to me. It filled my heart with intoxicating emotion, love and happiness.

Nothing in the world compares to that. You can have your razor-blade Ferrari, your Italian suit, your smart phone. I will choose those kids. And I never regret the “sacrifice” of giving 16 years to ministry in poverty. I never regret living with less, eating mostly beans and rice for a lack of money to get something better. The riches of ministry are the greatest riches.

Jesus was also God’s son, a prince. Yet he had no place to lay his head, no house. When you choose to minister, it doesn’t have to be a vow of poverty, but you are definitely defining what your greatest treasure is. It’s God — and it’s helping His people. And the emotional rewards outweigh financial ones every time.

This blog is dedicated to helping you be inspired to prayer for finances so your ministry can increase. God is great and will carry forward His work. It is a great work for Him to have wholly the heart of his minister. Praise Him.

6 responses to “Nothing in the world

  1. Good one Mike!

  2. Awesome post Mike!!!
    I could feel the love and zeal oozing out of you!
    Your so right… nothing compares to Jesus touching others through our lives. Seeing God move in the life of another brings a greater joy to my heart than anything– it is the cure for all my selfishness and suffering. I am so blessed that you are dedicated to using your gift of journalism to encourage and extort ministers and believers. Thank you!

  3. I was meditating on St. Mark 8:35 immediately prior too reading this newest blog. God is always proving this truth. “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; BUT whosoever shall lose his life for JESUS” sake and the Gospel’s save save it”. Example: I was taking furniture I had found to our thrift store which finances African medical missions. My purpose being too help, (lay down my time and use my expenses,gas etc.) those in need of medicine and the gospel(the love of JESUS). My neck had been out of ailignment for 11 months and, at the time I was taking powerful pain meds. That morning, GOD gave me a auto accident which put my neck back into position(healing me).God is always proving this powerful truth, what you give too HIM is multiplied for the good of the gospel’s and our own good. Praise to Jesus our Lord & Savior.

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