American beauty at its best!

Plastic surgery still can’t compete with plastic?

You might want to live for something truly worthwhile.

22 responses to “American beauty at its best!

  1. Wow, I didn’t know you were into topless Barbies! I’d better get the one out of the shower in the soap dish so my man doesn’t get happy! LOL!!!! God bless you Mustard Seed! I’m only joking with you, btw.

  2. Lols… Even I found it scary..

  3. LOL! Barbie was always great, but her friend Malibu P.J. was the real looker πŸ™‚

  4. “I’ve come with joy to meet my Lord, forgiven, loved, and free! With joy and wonder to recall the life laid down for me, Christ’s life laid down for me.”

    That hymn went through my head as your read you blog post for today – and I am reading it because you read my most, leaving your “Like” but not a comment. Knowing how quickly life pushes us along, I of all people understand the difficulty of finding the time or words to comment on everything read, but today I wanted to make a brief comment on the value of the mustard seed, as well as the Mustard Seeds you are sowing with God’s help..

    If you took the opportunity to read any of my pages on Reflections From a Cloudy Mirror,” you know a little bit about my life, who I am so far, and perhaps a bit of who I pray to become. I have no worries about that – “God is good!, All the time – All the time! God is Good!” There are no more blessed people on this earth than I, who has lived a life in the abundance of enough from the moment I took my first breath. I am the wife of a now retired United Methodist pastor – on October 25th we celebrated our 37th wedding anniversary. What a life we have lived. I am in the midst of writing a memoir about that life, working title being “Irreverently Yours: The Itinerant Life of a Pastor’s Wife.” It will be mostly funny (IMHO), because our lives and my life have been a series of funny moments, separated by some pathos, disappointment, and anger, and we have been delivered with joy from each and every moment. And taught. Even when we weren’t listening or seeming to pay no attention, we were being taught, because God continually uses those things he has hidden in our hearts that God then pulls out and makes use of when most needed for our education and growth.

    As you can now tell, my definition of “brief” is different from most. I am fortunate to have many friends and even a few loyal readers who put up with my verbal logorrhea. My blog is very eclectic – filled with a number of different styles of essays, rants, poems, stream of consciousness writing, and a lot of fun – those cloudy days can leave some odd reflections. I also want to direct you to my photography blog called “Reflected Glory – My Adventures in Photography,” in which I post photos of God’s glorious creation, as I am in the process of learning to use my camera. I hope it can bring you some joy, as your blog has brought to me – and I will be subscribing to these Mustard Seeds so that I can read your words as often as I am able. Thanks for the blessing of your words today and thanks to God who whispered them to you and you responded.

    Sincerely, and with wishes that your life might be filled with the abundance of enough. . .
    Paula Tohline Calhoun

    P.S. How did you come upon my blog?

  5. Let’s see now. . .is that a good or a bad thing? πŸ˜†

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