13 responses to “Rejected?

  1. He was the cornerstone that builders rejected, but oh so precious to those who believe! Beautiful!

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    A thought that should give you encouragement in a time of despair

  3. Rejection, and feelings of rejection even if it really isn’t there, can be devastation. That’s why it’s so powerful that we are “accepted in the Beloved,” Christ Jesus.

  4. Brilliant! Thanks Mike.

  5. My Pastor preached on rejection this past Sunday, he said Jesus was the most rejected person on earth, when he was to be born his earthly father didn’t want him, they had to be divine intervention, after his birth king Herod rejected him and tried to kill him, he was rejected by the Jews, His hometown rejected him, his family rejected him at some point, John the baptist rejected him at some point, Judas one of his best friends rejected him, Peter another buddy rejected him, he was an outsider on the earth and was rejected, the father rejected him on the cross.
    So if there is one person who understands the burden of rejection it is Jesus, and if there is one person who will never reject you is Jesus and if there is one person with a solution for rejection it is Jesus.

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