Why do so many Muslims hate America?

why-muslim-countries-hate-americaWhile floodwaters threatened innumerable lives in Houston, Muslims half way around the world rejoiced openly on social media that calamity had befallen the “infidels” in America.

“Allah, destroy them more and more because they destroyed our countries,” Bushra Atwani commented on a Facebook post showing flood waters flowing.

Muslim-Hate-for-America“I had fire in my heart against America,” wrote Ali Albaghdadi. “But when I saw this video, all the fire is gone. I’ve become very happy. America is the head of the snake. We prayed for that. We asked Allah to destroy America like they destroyed our country.”

The outpouring of hate, the disturbing gush of glee among Muslims who see the devastation in Texas, makes one wonder what kind of religion they have.

“We ask Allah to protect the Iraqi people there and kill everyone else,” wrote Qasim AL Gohrabi. Houston has a sizeable Iraqi population.

“This is Allah’s punishment for everybody who is against us,” wrote Ahmed El Zrafy. “I ask Allah to not help them, to leave them to their fate.”

Muslim-opinion-of-AmericaSadly, the comments, which were interpreted by a translator and not software, are not a smattering of isolated fringe elements but represent wide swathes of Muslim opinion. In the view of the translator who reviewed the comments, about 80% wish evil upon America. Those expressing grief usually do so because they have a friend of relative living in Houston.

A Pew Research poll in 2014 found 85% of Egyptians hate America and 62% of Pakistan also express anti-American sentiment, as reported by Foreign Policy. By contrast, Israel holds the second highest regard in the world for the United States, with an 81% favorable outlook, according to Pew.

“We tend to see more negative sentiment among Muslims in the Middle East, such as those from Egypt and Jordan,” noted Bruce Stokes, director of global economic attitudes at Pew, as reported by the BBC. Read the rest of the article about what Muslims think about America.

Note: This article’s purpose is NOT to stir up hate and violence against Muslims. As Christians we must love those who persecute us. The purpose is to fight the leftist delusion that Muslims are an oppressed minority that need to be appeased. The policy of appeasement failed with Hitler, so why is it be retaken by the Left?

28 responses to “Why do so many Muslims hate America?

  1. It speaks of what their religion stands for- hate. Very sad.
    God the great redeemer can redeem them all. We speak salvation and love out to the Muslims in this world. By the blood of Jesus. Amen

  2. The truth needs to get out there. The reason they hate America is very simple: America stands for everything their religions/social structure is against – genuine freedom and equality, and most especially the favor of Father God, who loved the world enough to send His Son.

  3. These inhuman Muslims expressed their hate and anger toward America and Americans .These Muslims out to go back to their Muslim countries and remove the real enemy the Muslim Brutal Dictators who are slaughtering their own people , killing their political opponent by the thousands. enslaving women . Let thse coward Muslim immigrants go defend the women victims of honor killing and rape. Let them go back defend the victims of female genital mutilation , millions of these little girls dying every day.57 Muslim countries are ruled by butcher dictators , these killer forcing their people to flee their countries like sheep.
    Democracy is dead in the Muslim countries, freedom is dead, JUSTICE is dead, Equality is dead in Muslim countries yet Muslim boast about their merciless inhuman religion .Cut the hand, stone people to death , flog lesbians to death kill the infidel Christians and Jew. SINCE 625 A.D MUSLIMS HAVE KILLED 700 MILLION CHRISTIANS READ HISTORY.

    • Democracy is not dead in Muslim countries and many want their freedom from religious oppression, but the revolution must come from within the country and we see signs of it already even in Saudi Arabia.


        • No more sheep than you or I , but they live in a different environment with no freedom of speech. The Christian democracies lived under religious suppression for centuries .

          • A NATION of sheep breeds Dictators ,Thieves and butchers.the Arab Lost the wars.1948., 1967., 1973.Today is the memory of assassination of Mohammed Anwar El Sadat.

            • Yes I’m old enough to remember him winning the Nobel peace prize. Potential Dictators , Thieves and butchers are sprinkled fairly evenly among mankind . They tend to thrive less well in western democracies but times are changing and democracy is a delicate animal. Religion dislikes democracy it prefers theocracy which will tighten the bonds on us all and step us back into past times.

      • In 2010 the Arab youth began the ARAB SPRING.But lack of intelligence made the ARAB Autumn.

  4. Hating America is the reason they are terrorists destroying innocent lives and laughing at those who perished in the flood.

    My bible did not tell me to love those who persecute to kill me. The bible says those who plot wickedness against me shall perish.

    • Your reading the old testament I recommend the new testament.

      • Why didn’t Jesus pray for Judas who plotted to kill Him?

        Matthew 26:24, “……..but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man is betrayed! It would have been good for that man if he had not been born”.

        I believe you are reading the New testament.

        • I suspect he did pray for Judas but what must be must be, prayer cannot change the intended future . No Judas no crucifixion.
          ‘ Love your enemies do good to those who despitefully use you ‘ The new testament supersedes the old which said ‘ an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth’. Most of us live by the old testament because it makes more sense and our laws in western democracies are based on the old testament. ‘ Love your neighbor as yourself ‘ is regarded by most people including Christians as impossible.

          • You said you ‘suspect’ Jesus prayed for Judas I don’t think so. Judas committed suicide (Matthew 27:5).
            I know the Scripture must be fulfilled and Judas was the scapegoat.
            But in the case of Peter who will later betray Him, He prayed for him beforehand (Luke 22:31-32).
            In case of Judas which He foresaw, He didn’t, if He did, Judas would have repented like Peter and not take his own life.

            The point I am making is that we see God as too quiet, too loving, too forgiving, too merciful which is true but that is one-sided. He is also a consuming fire for the wicked Hebrews 12:29).

            The truth is that God has the right to show compassion or mercy to whom He wants to show compassion or mercy (Romans 9:15).

            The point I am making is that God has two things. He can reward you for good or reward you for bad.

            ‘Love your enemies’ has been misinterpreted by a lot of preachers. We have different types of enemies. There are those who hate, have jealousy, speak against you, criticize you, have no regard, persecute, ridicule you etc. They are all termed as enemies which Jesus says we should pray for them. If that person goes beyond these things to terminate your life which is not the will of God upon your life, then, they become the real enemy. You have to pray to God to vengeance because He says, “vengeance is mine” (Romans 12:19).

            Being a Christian is not allowing your enemy to kill you like a chicken. You have to pray to avert it not praying for them to change their heart because there are people that their spirit has been sealed with hot iron like Pharaoh, Judas and Herod who killed millions of babies just to kill Jesus. What happened to them? God took vengeance.

            May God continually open our eyes into His word. Amen.

            God bless you.

            • Judas committed suicide because he hated himself and what he had done. He knew that Jesus was innocent and he committed a crime for money. I hate myself for some of the things I have done in the past and I suspect everybody also is pricked by their consciences . Suicide can be the only way out sometimes when life has gone wrong and we follow our selfish desires trampling others underfoot. Some feel their lives are worthless and they would be better off dead ,and for many of the very poor and destitute life is not worth living.
              Peter was no better than Judas or any other person we are all fallible flesh often failing to do what we know to be right.
              Don’t take offence but you are wrong about the interpretation of love your enemies it is a natural human way of looking at things but remember. ‘ Father forgive them for they know not what they do ‘ rings in our ears.
              Herod like nearly all powerful men abused his power and he would commit any atrocities to keep his hold on the reins. Is this not the case today? Take a look at Turkey and the terrible slaughter and imprisonment that president Erdogan is inflicting on his fellow citizens could we not call him a modern equivalent of Herod?

              • I don’t agree my dear. Judas killed himself because he couldn’t repent but Peter did. There is no sin that God said you should commit suicide when you commit such sin. Judas is not the only person that killed innocent people, still, they repented like Saul who became Paul. You can’t hate yourself to the extent of committing suicide. Suicide is not the only way out. Jesus is the Way out. The person should ask for forgiveness. Suicide is not allowed by God.
                Peter was not better but he accepted his mistake and forged ahead for Christ but Judas gave up.

                I am not saying we shouldn’t forgive. What I am saying is that no matter how you look at it, wickedness, bloodshed, genocide, war, killing innocent people etc must continue.

                The hard truth is that not everybody will come to repentance. Meaning, they must be punished by God. They are enemies of mankind and God.

                You used the president of Turkey as an example to Herod. Then what happened to Herod will happen to those who challenge God.

                What I need to pray is for God not to allow my enemies to triumph over me. It is the Lord’s battle not mine. If God decides to destroy mine enemies, so be it.

                God bless you.

  5. Amen. Thank you for truth and the courage to print it. God bless you.

  6. Reblogged this on Stephanie Parker McKean and commented:
    Mustard Seed did not print this to stir up hate or violence against Muslims, merely to point out the fallacy of Leftist thinking on appeasement.

  7. On a brighter note: Pastor Mike, I borrowed a quote from you ( slightly modified) for use in my November 12, 2017 blog post. Thanking you in advance for the positive motivation, ME
    “Dream big.Fear small.
    Base your decisions on your vision for a better future,
    not on the fears of repeating a bad past.” ~ Pastor Mike Ashcroft

  8. Terribly heartbreaking to know such hate-filled hearts exist
    … and how so many non-muslims are blind to truth! 😦 💜 Jackie@KWH

  9. Wong: Judas committed suicide as a repentance for what he had done. It is hard enough for a person to come to terms with murder when they kill the guilty but killing the innocent is a terrible burden to bear. The reason wickedness, bloodshed , genocide and war continue is human nature and that is the reason things have not changed; because we have not changed. Religion has not changed us , ideology has not changed user , technological advance has not changed us. Suicide must not be viewed as wicked , we must be sympathetic to the circumstances of the suicide, that’s what our laws do they try to take account of the reasons why people act as they do. It is the reason laws have to be changed when they are seen to be unfair it is the job of judges to see that the law is administered properly.

  10. First of all, though you may consider this an ‘informative’ blog post designed to denounce your followers of the notion that Muslims are an oppressed minority, it is actually not. With freedom of speech to inform comes freedom of speech to present a conflicting opinion and I totally respect that. However, I cannot say that this blog post feels like it has an ulterior motive which is to make followers grasp the great chasm of difference between ‘us’ and ‘them’. Knowing some hold anti-American sentiment does not mean anything. Undoubtedly there is plenty of anti-Muslim or anti-Middle East sentiment within the West too. Just because some Muslims on the other side of the world, often faced against the American military in countless wars, say they do not love America, doesn’t mean we should grasp onto that as proof of opposition against the Christian faith. Take a look at my blog to clear some misunderstandings.

  11. I think you need to ask how many innocent Muslims have been killed by America. Perhaps then you might understand better.

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