Why do people hate the good guy?

*** BESTPIX ***  Spain v Tahiti: Group B - FIFA Confederations Cup Brazil 2013El Niño Torres scored an unheard-of four goals against Tahiti in the Confederations Cup, and I was happy. Lately he’s been underperforming, and lynchmob of critics has persecuted him. They’ve even mocked him for being a nice guy, a decent human being (Maybe they Luis Suarez better, the Uruguayan racist who also bites opponents.)

imagesJames Lebron led the Heat to the NBA comeback final victory, and I was happy. He has been unjustly criticized for choking in finals, for betraying his first team, even for his skinny teams. They trash-talk him.

images-1Tim Tebow talks Christianity, and they shut him up. Collins talks homosexuality, and it´s national news. He’s a hero.

I think people despise the nice guy because the nice guy makes them feel like bad guys — by comparison. Thus, the rant, the hate, the cackling of “good guys finish last.”

So… I love it when good guys finish first. I’m trying to be a good guy too! And, yeah, good guys DO finish first. If you don’t believe me, just show up on Heaven’s Judgment Day. (Everybody will show up, even those who don’t believe in God.)

35 responses to “Why do people hate the good guy?

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    he has been unjustifiably criticised yet he has delivered, let the young man bw

  2. I needed this today!!! Also when your good you are an easy target. Collectively as Christians, Let’s rejoice, for ^ He is on our side!! Blessings to you!! Msinop1.wordpress.com (Marty)

  3. Little boy games always have good guys and bad guys. When our guys were small, I would always encourage them to choose to be the good guys. One son said one time, “But Mom, it’s harder and not as much fun being the good guys, they have to follow the rules.”
    “But,” I told him, “The good guy ALWAYS wins in the very end.” Thanks for your post!

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  5. prayingforoneday

    Football (Soccer Manager for 15 years here) Thanks for the follow, good blog!! From Scotland, Glasgow Celtic fan… Torres needs a new team, he was a Liverpool Fan, and didn’t want to go to Chelsea. Confidence is EVERYTHING in football, but he seems to be getting it back. Man United would be the PERFECT side for him I think…

    Thanks again for the follow..

    • But Ferguson is leaving! Wow, you were a football manager! Cool! My favorite team is Barcelona because I got to know football when I was in Guatemala.

      • prayingforoneday

        I was at the Celtic 2-1 Barcelona game last season there just before Christmas. unreal!!! 2-0 up we were (Celtic) And yeah, Loved being a footy manager.

        Billy Connolly, comedian and Celtic fan narrating


    • The Guatemalans all followed the Spanish league. My disciple was a HUGE Barcelona fan so he explained to me the sport and the histories and the players. The more I lerned, the more I got excited! Now I’m a big fan. But as far as Scottish football goes, I know little. It is great to make your acquaintanc.

  6. I know it puzzles me at times…especially the heroes people choose. All are trying to fill that God-shaped hole in their heart. Thanks!

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  8. Wayne Gretsky, don’t forget Wayne! 🙂

  9. They hated Jesus, too, didn’t they.

  10. “Remember when the world hates you that it hated me first” Jesus. The dark does not like the light. This will never change. This is why the light must brighten up the darkness so there is no place for evil to hide. All cloaks must be removed.

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