When God moves…

… it makes all the difference.

Liceo Bilingue La Puerta banda

With Chinese flags at the front to add some color to the martial gallantry of the drums, trumpets and glaxon bells.

I prayed for years for a bus for the ministry in Guatemala, and finally got one. But it kept breaking down and was more costly than it was worth.

On the other hand, I never tried to form a marching band, even though I liked the idea and said, “Amen!” to the people who suggested it for our school. I basically said, “Whenever God wants to give us a band, He’ll do it.”

banda escolar GuatemalaAnd He did. He brought in a person who wasn’t even saved to teach all the kids to play. Out of candy sales, He raised up money to buy all the instruments. I’m amazed to this day how this miracle happened.

For years now, the marching band has been instrumental (excuse the pun) for outreaches. We march down streets playing and hand out of flyers. Instead of knocking on doors, the people come out to see and hear.

Guatemalan students

After the band marched, the smallest members enjoy a juice from the tiendita next door the Liceo Bilingue La Puerta in Guatemala.

Now that I have been out of Guatemala, the band continues to be a powerful tool. What I wanted and tried so hard to get (the bus), flopped. What I didn’t even try to get (the band) succeeded wildly beyond my imagination.

Look to God and wait. Stop straining to do what you think. Just believe. He will act upon His will.

17 responses to “When God moves…

  1. The students look like they love participating in the marching band! God is awesome in how he provides.

  2. So good to hear of God’s rich blessings!

  3. A God of surprises! I love it. His name will be glorified in the earth.

  4. God is funny….His ways are sure mysterious! 🙂

  5. I rejoice with you in participating in what God is doing!

  6. Our God is full of surprises. I thank God for giving you the grace and patient to build and pray which is now bringing this glory to His name.

  7. Praise God for the fruit he has allowed to grow through your faithfulness!

  8. Pastor Mike, I have been enjoying the whole Guatemala trail of testimonies. Though I don’t send you more than an occasional Like, I praise God with you for His unending faithfulness. What joy to see your kids prospering!.

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