The difference is mercy

cute babyOne girl sputtered out of the church. Her pastor/uncle treated her gruffly when she got pregnant out of wedlock. Twenty years later, she’s still out of the church.

Another girl, in her down and out moment, got friendship, love, acceptance, encouragement. Today she’s serving in the church, a huge blessing.

It’s good to uphold a high standard for the church. But we must never lose sight of mercy. Sometimes striking a balance is tough. If we err, let’s err on the side of mercy. That’s what God does.

8 responses to “The difference is mercy

  1. Yes, one act of indifference or intemperence can turn someone quickly away from God!

  2. I really like this. Hopefully that one woman will see the mercy of God through SOMEONE. People will always let us down, but not Jesus!

  3. I am trying to dispense mercy:
    clients now support would be good.

  4. If only we ALL would do this around the world.

  5. We get reborn every few years. Cells are replaced and you become a new person. Forgiveness is therefore acceptable, for the mistakes you made in the past are shed like the skin of the snake. Give all a chance to redeem their goodness in the path of love for themselves and God.

  6. Amen! One small thing can either save someone or send them over the edge – we really need to know the difference and to do the right thing.

  7. Amen… May we all have a “Mercy Heart” to teach all with the mercy shown by God, accepting all with open arms. Thanks for sharing this.

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