Put your heart in His hands


The central issue of the poorly named “cultural wars” is trust. People cannot bring themselves to trust our loving God whose Bible is nothing more than instructions on how to have happiness in life. He tells us how to avoid pratfalls and how to succeed.

But many people refuse to trust that He knows what He’s doing. They prefer to take matters into their own hands. Typically, they mock the Bible, sneer at Christians or just plain ignore them. And then they destroy their lives.

That’s ok because at any point you can come back to your Loving Savior, who will NOT reproach you for your rebellion. He’ll heal your wounds and give you a new life.

You can trust putting your heart into the hands of the Maker.

Gif: Gavin on Reddit. I don’t own rights to this gif and I’m not making any money on it. I admire its creator for his talent and work.

9 responses to “Put your heart in His hands

  1. A good timely post as always. I absolutely love the photo. Thank you. I will be sharing it on Godinterest.com. ❤

  2. Reblogged this on chrllrobb and commented:
    As always when I can use an uplifting message from God, one of His stewards provides. May it help you in your search for answers. ❤

  3. Just the warm heart is the perfect one ever. The message from god is to have a warm heart and believe in yourself and be who you want.

  4. Beautiful post. That’s it exactly. People are afraid to trust. There is no one more worthy, more qualified to put your trust in than the One who laid down His life for us. There is understanding and mercy and love to be found there.

  5. Excellent expression of Truth, and a very appropriate illustration.

  6. Banashree Palit


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