The fire re-ignited all by itself

campfireA light drizzle snuffed out our camp fire.

Then it ceased. Soon the wood burst back into flame.

I had never seen anything like it before. My brother, who in addition to being an experience camper is an engineer with a scientific understanding of a lot of things, explained that there wasn’t enough rain to cool the logs. When the remaining heat within in the logs evaporated all the water out of the logs, since there was still a burning heat, the flames returned.

To me it just looked like magic.

Maybe you’ve lost your fire for Christ. God will bring it back. God is at work where we cannot see, in ways we cannot understand.

7 responses to “The fire re-ignited all by itself

  1. When the eyes of your heart are open, you’ll recognize the Lord showing and teaching you things every day.

  2. This thought is beautiful 🙂

  3. often storms of life overwhelm us and my seem to extinguish the flame within us. However our God is always at work within us and if we allow him to work things out the flame is sure to ignite again. Ours is to always cooperate with the Holy spirit and he leads us to safer grounds

  4. Yup, could do with some rekindling…

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