There was opposition going forward

the fat of the land

“The fat of the land” was the King James version translation of the prosperity and blessing promised to the Israelites once they took possession of their God-destined territory. But there were significant obstacles — giants and stuff and heavily fortified cities.

When the Israelites finally mustered their courage, God blasted the walls in a way that puts modern demolition crews to shame. And the giants weren’t such a problem. Boys with slingshots took them out. Why did the first generation succumb to fear, doubt God and die in the desert? Yeah, in THAT place, they lived on the “lean of the land.”

Not everybody sees “fat” as bad around the world. In Nicaragua, they call a chubby guy “hermoso” — beautiful. That’s because in places where malnutrition is a chronic health issue, chubbiness is seen as healthy and blessed. Here in America, we’re blessed, but our forefathers had to act with great courage to win those blessings for us.

I encourage you to courage. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Take up the greatest challenge God is stirring you to because that’s where His blessing is for you.

10 responses to “There was opposition going forward

  1. That pic actually looks gross to me…
    and in that way I think it is a good metaphor for the state of the Church in the U.S.– big on empty calories, lots of sweet syrupy fluff but not much there to sustain or even satisfy real hunger. If a famished person eats that brownie sundae mess, it will put them in a sugar daze but they will feel nauseous trying to digest it.

  2. Once heard a description of the failure of the Israelites to the land, initially, in 3 words: Grapes, Giants and Grasshoppers. The Grapes are the Promises, the Giants are the obstacles but the Grasshoppers are the defeatist mentality we are guilty of when God and His power is excluded.

  3. Thanks. May we not forget what others’ blood won for us…most of all, the blood of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  4. GUYS! Don’t you know that chocolate is one of the many ways God says, “I love you!” Chocolate is what sustains you in between communion Sundays!!

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