Apartment managing fail #8 #ValleyBoyPastor


If you hear screams late at night coming from my room, don’t call the cops. Everything is OK. I’m just having a nightmare about dishwashers.

101’s dishwasher was spraying water on the floor. It had been doing so — whenever the tenant infrequently used it — for eight months. The previous manager apparently couldn’t find the problem.

But replacing it was no slam dunk. The Home Depot guys returned because the voltage was 220. The electrician scolded me because the shut-off valve was corroded and sprayed him. The tenant feels like her apartment has turned into a museum as I, the handyman and an assortment of workers traipse through day after day.


I’m the Valley Boy Pastor, and I’m new at apartment managing. And I’m loving it. It offers me the chance to make friends and win souls on the basis of the rapport of being the manager. I guess you could say the job is a little bit “complex.” Sorry, can’t resist a pun regardless of the quality.

Thanks for your prayers for this church plant. So far, no one has come to the Thursday Bible study.

17 responses to “Apartment managing fail #8 #ValleyBoyPastor

  1. Just curious … when you begin a new Bible study, what is your topic of study?

  2. Jennifer Mesa

    That’s awesome Pastor Ashcraft! We will be praying for you, your family and people to come to bible study.

  3. Sorry about the no shows at the Bible study. We have a Thursday Night Prayer at the Manse with an attendance of between 0 and 5…and we make up two of that number! God is faithful…don’t give up. The Holy Spirit will draw them.

  4. Practical Christian living is where the wheel hits the road. Hang in there!

  5. Church folks have seen such disappointment in #’s. Cant get caught up in it.

  6. What made me smile was you saying you loved being an apartment manager! In spite of your bad day. That is great. Don’t worry about no one coming yet. It will take time.

  7. Having been a landlord I commiserate with you.

  8. Just a thought – instead of diving right into the bible, find something Christian-related. Try The Exodus Case by Dr. Lennart Moller. Have a discussion on Exodus archeology. Something less jumping in the deep end on the first outing. Maybe even something less formal than an official meeting/class. They’re sheep. Approach slowly so you don’t spook ’em. More of a “Want a treat?” than “Come on in the pen with me.” Am I making sense?

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