Run, don’t walk

run dont walkShimei was bad — or so I always thought.

He cursed King David in a moment of weakness. From his own house, David faced rebellion. As his son Absalom worked a coup d’etat, David fled. Shimei pelted him with stones and insults at that time. Shimei was a relative to the former king.

So when the coup collapsed and David returned to assume the throne, Shimei was the first to hustle to ask forgiveness. And he was granted it. (2 Sam. 19:16-23)

Shimei is a picture of grace. We shouldn’t resist coming to God. We shouldn’t be lackadaisical or half-hearted. We are dead dogs with no hope. Run, don’t walk. Get God’s grace quick. Don’t fight it. Don’t retrench. Let’s humble ourselves quickly and repent.

Availing ourselves to the love of God now is the only logical human response. I’d always seen Shimei as bad because of other parts of his story. But this time through the Bible, I got stuck on this one good part.


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    The time is coming when the King of Kings will return to claim what is His. When that day comes, it will be too late for those who refused to turn away from their rebellion against Him. Therefore, let us put down our arms that were pointed at the Heavenly King and rush quickly to His feet in humble submission and He will show you grace and mercy.

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    Awesome word…

  3. Amen and Amen. Thanks for that great insight.

  4. We also need to remember that Shimei later took the grace that had been granted him lightly, and he paid the price.

  5. God is COMPASSIONATE AND MERCIFUL so as far as the East is from the West so does God remove sin repented of from us in JESUS Name. God Continues to clean more ‘spots’ or ‘blemishes’ in us until that BLESSED day when we become perfect and spotless Bride for our Groom Jesus. Until that day, God FORGIVES us readily as we run to God by Grace in Jesus in Jesus Name and the old spirit of Shimei is removed far from us to become New Creation in Christ in God. Thanks for sharing God Bless

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