All you need… #ValleyBoyPastor musings


You don’t need a fancy building. As a matter of fact, a fancy building can be the ruin of a church. Where does the New Testament say Christians focused on buildings? In the first century, they met in homes, next to river and then in catacombs.

All you need is the Spirit and the Word. These two activate all the elements that comprise “church.” They — not American luxuries — bring revival. Revival is not getting a fancy building. Revival is the Spirit moving on the hearts of many men.

I got a building once, in Guatemala (so I’m not speaking from a poverty mentality of resentment and envy; I’m speaking from experience). I believe the building has its upsides. But now that I am starting a church in Van Nuys with the Christian Fellowship Ministries, I want to stay as far away from that headache as possible. I want to follow the Acts example. I want the Spirit of God, not a storefront church.

I know a church in Africa that has met under a tree for eight years. It is a church, people congregate, disciples are being raised up, the word is preached with power, transformation is being done, and they have no building. After the building comes the improvements. We end with the Sistine Chapel, gaudy gold and Michelangelo, void of Spirit. Money that should have been spent on getting souls saved is diverted to personal comforts.

8 responses to “All you need… #ValleyBoyPastor musings

  1. I once visited a church in India… All there was was a palm branch roof over packed dirt for the sanctuary, branching off of a couple of rooms with a porch on the outside that served as the stage. It was an experience.

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  2. I certainly agree, though God has blessed us with a very nice building. The biggest problem is that people, Christians even, tend to think of the building as the church, when in both the Old and New Testaments, “church” always talks about the people.

  3. Excellent post. Whether Christians meet under a tree or a nice building, you characterized the greatest problem in the Church today: “void of Spirit.” May all churches, not matter their environments, be bless by the Spirit.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you! The folks on our FB from India sit on rugs in the open, but they preach God’s Word, pray for the sick, feed the poor, and are working to bring clean water into their villages. These are real churches. God bless you in your ministry. (Oh, sharing this!)

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