The best surprise

God's surpriseTo the “Christian” of blunted intelligence, faithfulness is boring.

It is, however, the key to breakthrough. The best surprises are the ones God gives. You’re going along, attending church faithfully, tithing faithfully, struggling but trying to stay consistent. At some times, it seems even mechanical, dead. You don’t feel it anymore.

The temptation is to give up. It seems that all is for naught. You think you’re just wasting your time. Then, boom!, God drops a huge blessing into your life, and the romance with God is fresh again!

One of the most overlooked characteristics of God is His love for surprise. I’ve never seen it an a theology book, but it’s in Genesis 2:9. He warned Adam and Eve against the tree of sin. But He said nothing about the tree of life, which also was in the Garden of Eden. It was going to be a surprise. Regrettably, our father and our mother never discovered this pleasant surprise because they wanted more by their own devices. They ate the forbidden fruit, believing it contained blessing. They wanted more; they got less.

Hang in there for God’s surprises.

14 responses to “The best surprise

  1. Yes! thanks for the reminder and encouragement

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  3. This was so refreshing to read. good stuff!

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    Refreshing! God has not forgotten you he just wants to surprise you!

  5. Very Refreshing post.

  6. I think we change little by little when we walk faithfully too. I think often others can see Jesus shining through our life and his blessing in it when we just see the day to day.

  7. mrsmariposa2014

    Oh, how I love our Father’s surprises! Been on the recieving end of many, especially in recent years. Thanks for such a joyful read tonight! Reminds me to keep looking for the unexpected!

  8. The Lord once told me, “Don’t be amazed at what amazes others. Expect great things from me.”

  9. Exactly what I needed to read today!

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