Don’t be a late adapter

from Steamboat Friday

from Steamboat Friday

My cousin got in early with E-Bay. At the time, all the relatives were abuzz with the risk. He shouldn’t put his money with such a highly speculative, unproven venture, they said. We couldn’t get our heads wrapped around tech, so it sounded crazy. Of course, he is now wealthy. We are all kicking ourselves.

from Dump a Day

from Dump a Day

I’ve always been a caveman, a late adapter, among the last to use new technologies. I FINALLY got an i-phone, an onsale, outdated one, but nonetheless an i-phone. Handy little device.

Among Christians there are those who won’t be convinced about the efficacy of prayer. They hold out with a wait-and-see, anything-but-prayer-must-work attitude. Only after years of flailings, after so much frustration, do they try what they should have picked up from the very beginning of their faith. (Or at least that’s the way it was with me.)

141159769539998123_owU32Nss_cSo I’m twice the believer. I believe in Jesus as my Lord and Savior. And I believe in prayer. The more I practice it, the more good benefits I experience. Don’t be a believer only in Jesus and NOT in prayer. Don’t be a late adapter, even though prayer is not a new and unproven technology.

14 responses to “Don’t be a late adapter

  1. I heartily agree with your post! When I am faithful to prayer, I feel the Lord’s presence and I am more peaceful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. yourothermotherhere

    Typical of most people though… Don’t read the directions until everything else fails.

  3. Good post! (Does your cousin have any stock tips for us?:-)

  4. Very true, even though the term is “early adopter,” rather than “early adapter.”

  5. You’ve found the secret of prayer. It is our opportunity to speak to God as child would to a father. God tries to tell us that there is no relationship without communication. He loves to hear from us!!

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