How to pray? Get inspired!

Moving music and exhilarating scenic photos combine with scripture to remind you about God’s creation, His power, His majesty in this inspiring video by

I’m a big believer in getting inspired to pray. I find my prayer life becomes vibrant when either scripture or prose or praise lifts my spirit first.

Prayer is not a matter of saying the right words but having the right attitude. When your spirit soars on wings of eagles, it seems you pray overcoming prayers that make an impact.

4 responses to “How to pray? Get inspired!

  1. This is very true! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is good, I used to be always worried in prayer group, as my words are always simple and not like in church when our pastor prays. But I have learnt that simple words are ok too as long as the heart is in it and the right attitude.

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