I left my heart in Guatemala

Guatemala church

Irene, born at the same time as my son Hosea, got baptized.

Can a missionary ever return? Can he integrate into professional life after he has tasted the glories of God’s kingdom in the foreign field? Nothing is as wonderful in life as living the adventure.

I rejoice at having handed off the baton to a zealous young pastor, Steven Fernandez. I poured out almost 16 years of my life into Guatemala. Now it’s Pastor Steven’s turn to be a hero and do heroics. He is injecting the spirit of fun in the church, and it is growing again! It is becoming a dominion-establishing church.

guatemala missionIt is my joy to support him with prayer and with finances and with everything I can. He is on the front lines. I wish I could be on the frontlines, but for now, God has me here on the supply line, praying, teaching, learning new things, supporting the work.

If you have even the faintest notion that you should go, GO! If you are called to be a support for those who have gone, then PRAY and DON’T HOLD BACK ANY SUPPORT you can give.

12 responses to “I left my heart in Guatemala

  1. Amen. 16 years is a long time! I left my heart in Asia, so I know what you mean… Financial support is something, it really is.

  2. My husbands aunt and uncle were missionaries in Costa Rica for years. I think everywhere you go you leave a piece of your heart behind.

  3. Maybe God moved your frontlines. There is no doubt you had to come home for the protection of your family. No doubt! God didn’t tell you to quit loving the ministy He trusted you with, did He? You trained a Nationalist Pastor. Wow! You did your job!
    Our friend who had to move home after 33yrs in Mexico now he operates and raises support for a ‘Border Ministry’. He goes on deputation. Sends out letters and emails to churches and speaks, preaches, shows slides etc. If one of his ‘Mexico border churches’ needed a roof, he’s raising $ and supporting his family stateside as a missionary. He sends them support because they’re the missionary there and he’s the missionary here!

    Just rambling because I KNOW from whence you speak! And now we are stateside missionaries. (Forgive any mistakes! I’m in the car)

  4. I agree with Majesticssong. Who’s to say you’re not on the frontlines now? Sometimes the most important work needs to be done in the places you think need it the least.

  5. Pastor Ashcraft, it appears you have done a great job. To raise up a church and turn it over to another is one of the great accomplishments of ministry. I am in the process now.

    May God keep leading you!

  6. If God’s place for you now isn’t Guatemala, you would not be content there. Isn’t it amazing? We can love a place or a ministry, and that’s as it should be; but when God moves us, He puts a new love in our hearts that doesn’t diminish the old love one tiny bit 🙂

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