Come sit with me: fellowship


Photo: David Tomek

The bench beckons, moss-grown with lack of use. We weary ourselves with ambition. We are missing out on each other. Can we sit and talk? My faith will be strengthened, maybe your too. Coffee was meant to be shared. Sadly at the coffee shop, the majority are alone, on their phones.

Actually, fellowship is an important but neglected pillar to the Christian faith. We think it’s optional, that we can do without easy enough. Not so in the early church.

9 responses to “Come sit with me: fellowship

  1. A convicting word!!


  2. loved this beauty …your description

  3. Lovely photo!
    Do you find it easier to sit and talk on a park bench or on a pew?

  4. What blows my mind is the people who reject fellowship with God through daily reading of His love letter, the Bible, and talking with Him. When we have that foundation, our fellowship with one another is sweet indeed.

  5. I love the pic, and the thoughts….

  6. It is probably the one ministry the congregation forget it has the responsibility to partake in!

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