My life in parallel in the Christmas Carol

Christmas Future

She plays one of the family girls in the play. I’m a Matrix-like creep.

In the sixth grade, I played Bob Cratchet, and it proved prophetic for my life, because I have never gotten rich and always worked like a dog.

Not at age 48, I’m Christmas Future in the Palisades Theatre (Pacific Palisades, CA). I warn that greed will lead to eternal torments. This has been part of my life as a preacher.

Is it possible that a life can be summed up in a simple play? How did Charles Dickens cast my personality?

The Bible says there is nothing inherently evil with money. It is the love of money that rusts the human heart. As a missionary in poor Guatemala, I saw that not only the opulent love money. The poor can easily do this too.

Love God more than money.

Those who figure that this life on Planet Earth is all there is…. well, we’re all going to find out sooner or later.

9 responses to “My life in parallel in the Christmas Carol

  1. Your point about the poor loving/worshiping money is too true. I’ve seen people like that in all walks of life – including preachers!

  2. Thanks for sharing! Such a great reminder it is not about the money!

  3. Merry Christmas to an inspirational REAL life character to follow! May the next year be even more brilliant than this one! Blessings to you and your family during this Joyous time of year,

  4. I played tiny Tim at age 6, in 1969. My only lines in the whole play:
    ” God bless us — everyone.”

    Dickens’ Christmas Carol still ROCKS (a century and a half later…)

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