Get into the habit of faith

To form a new habit, willpower is more important than self-esteem. In his book Willpower, Roy Baumeister demonstrates that willpower is key to success in college, success in life, longevity and health. The possessor adheres to an unshakeable determination to achieve his goals.

If you’re accustomed to a dreary day of negativity, make some practical changes: Introduce or lengthen prayer time. Sprinkle your day with the Word of God. Arrest negative thoughts and force yourself to assume the best. Audibly confess the opposite of what gets you down. Continually go up to sit on God’s lap and tell your loving Father your struggles.

It’s amazing that willpower is akin to faith. They’re overlapping circle graphs with a significant shared region. This is the overcoming spirit of which the Bible speaks.

Is it possible to go from pessimism to belief? I am one who emigrated from the country of unbelief and unhealthy depression. I journeyed to the land of faith. Transforming my outlook has transformed my life. So I encourage you to get off your “but” and become a person of faith.

18 responses to “Get into the habit of faith

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    When fear comes knocking at your door, send faith to answer…..Great post!

  2. I know that we Christians are not under the law, but sometimes I think that by rejecting the “disciplines” of Christianity we are missing out on their blessings. We need to build up our willpower as you say to be consistent!

  3. “Will” power always accomplishes more than “Won’t” power!

  4. I have an award over at my place for you when you have a moment

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog
    stay blessed…

  6. It is definitely possible to go from pessimism to belief. I can speak to giving up my ‘pity party’ to a ‘prayer party’ and it is a beautiful thing! Thanks for posting this! 🙂

  7. Thank you for sharing valuable information dude.It pertains to me too.Let me become a man of faith and be optimistic.Well all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh, yeah! I’m hearing you! I get it! And it’s contagious! Getting off my “but” right now.

  9. I do like this. No passivity in faith.

  10. Go up and sit on my Father’s lap. What timely advice with Christmas coming. Great post!

  11. Dare I say that if doubt erases faith the converse is also true. Well said!

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